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Friday, April 23, 2004  

Yahoo! News - Cardinal: No Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - In remarks that could influence the U.S. presidential race, a top Vatican (news - web sites) cardinal said on Friday that a Catholic politician who unambiguously supports abortion should be denied communion at Mass.

The cardinal spoke amid a debate in the United States over whether Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites) should be denied communion, which Catholics believe is the body of Christ, because he supports abortion rights.

At a news conference presenting a Vatican document restating standing rules about the celebration of Mass, Cardinal Francis Arnize was reminded of the Kerry case and asked if a priest should refuse communion to a politician who is unambiguously pro-abortion.

It will be interesting to watch the hard core Christian Conservative Protestants Tree-Hugging the Catholics over this one. The Good Cardinal further imperils his church's charitable status...

Arinze, a Nigerian who is head of the Vatican department that establishes regulations on the way the sacraments should be practiced, spoke at a news conference presenting the Vatican document which itself is likely to charge debate on Kerry.

The 70-page document makes no specific reference to politicians but turns the screws on practices that have become common in some local churches, such as joint communion services with non-Catholic Christians.

The section on communion which could apply to Kerry says: "The Church's custom shows that it is necessary for each person to examine himself at depth and that anyone who is conscious of grave sin should not celebrate or receive the Body of the Lord without prior sacramental confession... ."

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