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Monday, May 10, 2004  

'Action pending on alleged abuse'
Geoff Hoon, Tony Blair's minister of defense, was up in front of the UK legislature this afternoon.

Decisions on whether to prosecute British troops over alleged abuse of Iraqis are pending in two cases, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has said.
In a statement to MPs, Mr Hoon apologised "unreservedly" to any Iraqis who had been mistreated.
The UK had acted immediately on cases raised by the Red Cross, he said.
The minister also said there were "strong indications" a vehicle featuring in photos of alleged abuse had not been in Iraq at the time.
He said further investigations were under way into pictures of alleged mistreatment published by the Daily Mirror newspaper.
Mr Hoon said the Red Cross report, which was given to the coalition officials, had not been seen by ministers until "very recently".
Conservative shadow defence secretary Nicholas Soames said that suggested the government had "lost its grip".

As a political problem, Iraq is quickly spiralling out of control for the Blair Government. I am not about to join the Kremlinologists and pronounce on the impending resignation of the Prime Minister but watch this space.

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