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Monday, May 03, 2004  

Another example of how stupid the people running this shindig are. They don't want frisbees and soccer balls; they want us to LEAVE.

Something nobody's talking about is the reasons behind this uprising. It's not al Sadr, it's not the newspaper's being shut down. Those photos of tortured and humiliated prisoners? They've been floating around Iraq for months. The military has known about the situation for months.

And none of what we saw is nearly as bad as what happened to the women in that prison. A few soccer balls and frisbees isn't going to fix this situation.

KRT Wire | 05/03/2004 | Marines' new strategy in Fallujah fraught with questions: "Somewhere on this base packed with enough firepower to flatten nearby Fallujah, the Marines have stashed thousands of Frisbees and soccer balls.
They might seem frivolous, after weeks of the worst bloodshed since U.S. forces entered Iraq. Yet these nearly forgotten gifts for the people of Fallujah symbolize the failure of the Marines so far to achieve their mission of rebuilding the country and helping to pave the way for democracy after arriving in this area in mid-March. And the prospects for success are as uncertain as ever."

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