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Monday, May 10, 2004  

BBC NEWS | UK | US virgins urge UK teen celibacy

A group of US virgins and an evangelist are urging British teenagers to abstain from sex before marriage.
The Silver Ring Thing encourages young people to buy a silver ring and pledge to remain celibate.

The scheme has sold 20,000 of the $12 rings to US teenagers and is planning a British tour, preaching the beliefs and selling the rings for £10 each.

It is funded partly by the Bush administration, which is a strong supporter of abstinence.

"The significance of the ring is that it's a constant reminder on the finger of the young person that helps them deal with the temptation that they face every day with becoming sexually active," founder Denny Pattyn told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Firstly, that is some markup on the cost of the ring. Who are these people? The Money Changers? £10 is nearly $20 at current exchange rates.
Let's all hope they will be going home soon.

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