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Friday, May 14, 2004  

Bush keeps cool in West Virginia, while students sweatl:

"But Brenda Brum, a librarian at Parkersburg South and a former delegate, said Bush's comments fly in the face of the reality teachers, students and parents face every day trying to meet new federal mandates.
'He doesn't think the federal government is responsible for funding local schools,' Brum said. 'My question then is why are they setting all the rules?'"
Brum said that on Thursday one only had to look around the school to see how the expensive No Child Left Behind requirements are affecting students.
"We've got 1,200 students sitting over there in an un-air conditioned auditorium watching this (on television) with fans blowing on them to keep cool," she said. "Here, we've pumped in air conditioning for the President. I resent that. We need to first make sure there's money to provide students with an adequate learning environment."
That's right. His majesty can't take the heat that kids have to face every day.

In yet another demonstration of the liberal bias in today's media, the opening paragraph stated that, "...President Bush faced an audience in a hot, crowded high school gym..."

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