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Tuesday, May 11, 2004  

Cheap Sanctimony is now playing on the Mighty Wurlitzer
Josh, Atrios, have been making hay regarding the insane droolings of Senator Inhofe ( R - Fool ). The good Senator was apparently "outraged" by all the outrage regarding the wanton torture of Iraqi Civilians. By all accounts Senator McCain ( R - Decent, Honorable Man ) walked out of the meeting when Inhofe could not keep his brain farts inside his head. I was tempted to write this off as one ( poor excuse of a ) man's witless ranting; however an article in The New York Times makes me think that we may be the beginning of a Republican strategy.

Republicans in Congress will intensify their effort to help the White House in coming days by suggesting that Democrats are politicising the issue, the adviser said. House Republicans in particular have already sought to equate criticism from Democrats with a lack of support for fighting terrorism.

A familiar strategy from the party who put the shame into shameless. I am not sure who this is going to convince Iraq.

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