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Friday, May 14, 2004  

Curiouser and curiouser:

"The company that specialized in building communications towers never registered with the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau, said Brian McDonald, spokesman for the state department.
McDonald conducted a search of the bureau's online list of registered businesses, but found no matches.
The same search done by a Daily Local News reporter produced the same results -- several businesses contained the word 'Prometheus' in their names. Only one is located in West Chester, and it is not related to Bergs business.

Companies are not legally required to register with the state, but McDonald explained it is usually the first step an owner takes.
'You'd be very foolish not to register your business with the department,' he said. 'It is nearly impossible to exist without doing it.'
Registering allows an owner to set up his business's tax structure. It also establishes how the business is run, for example, whether or not it is for-profit or nonprofit.
'It is basically the infrastructure by which businesses are set up in the commonwealth,' McDonald said.

McDonald added it is possible the business could be listed in the bureau?s records under a different name.
Searching the statewide yellow pages online found two company names containing the word 'Prometheus' in Philadelphia. One is an Internet consulting business."

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