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Wednesday, May 19, 2004  

Guardian Unlimited | US elections 2004 | Swell affair at a grand a head as Dad speaks up to boost Bush campaign
One of the problems about the Guardian's coverage of US politics is that it frequently relies on US wire reports for it's information. A policy that has the unfortunate effect of giving it's US election coverage a slightly pro-Bush slant. However, when it is covering politics in the UK it know what side it's partisan bread is buttered.

As every high spending teenager knows, when the overdraft gets big it is best to call in Dad. And so it was that George Bush senior brought a presidential outreach project to London last night in a bid to drum up more dollars for his son's presidential re-election campaign, which has already broken all fundraising records.
Amid tight security, an audience dominated by American expats paid $1,000 (£566) a head to hear the first President Bush appeal for more money for George W at the five-star Landmark hotel in Marylebone, London. The president has so far raised some $200m (£113m) for the 2004 campaign, more than double the record-breaking sum gathered during the 2000 election. In the Landmark's winter gardens, a pianist tinkled the tune of Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You; outside, unheard by Mr Bush, a group of schoolgirls chanted: "Bush, Bush, shame on you, your son is a killer too".

According the crown outside...

US expats among 200 anti-war protesters outside were anxious to show that not all Americans in Britain were backing the Bush campaign.
"People are very polarised in this election," said Luke Robinson, a web developer holding a "Proud of my country, shamed by my president" placard. "A large percentage of American expats are turning against George Bush."
According to the expats outside, those dining with Mr Bush were typically super-rich members of Republicans Abroad who worked for US banks and law firms in the City.

As this event was guarded by members of the UK's security services would this constitute an illegal contribution from a foreign national? I wait, with baited breath, for The Queen's name to appear as a Bush Pioneer.

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