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Wednesday, May 05, 2004  

Iraq veteran suing company: "A National Guard soldier recently home from Iraq is suing Sykes Enterprises, saying the company's Bismarck, N.D., branch violated a federal law that guarantees returning soldiers will get their jobs back.
Prior to his deployment, Pfc. Ron Vander Wal, 23, a member of the South Dakota Guard's 200th Engineer Company, worked as a telephone customer service technician with Sykes, a company that provides computer tech support for consumers. He is originally from Pollock, but now resides in Bismarck.
'It was a good homecoming but this has been rather disappointing,' Vander Wal said about his problems with Sykes. 'I'm the only member of the unit as far as I know who didn't have a job to come back to. It was pretty disappointing to have to start job hunting again.'"
He goes on to say 'he's mystified by Sykes not hiring back veterans.

"I don't understand what could be their reason," he said. "It's not like it's a high-paying job by any means."'

Well, here's a little more about Sykes, Enterprises that should explain what their reasoning is. The jobs are moving to India. But that's okay, because outsourcing is good for the economy, according to Bush.

Sykes to close Manhattan, Kan., call center
Sykes Enterprises Inc. plans to close its call center here, resulting in the loss of about 400 jobs.


Burnett said "changing clients' needs and market conditions" have led Sykes to consolidate some plants. The company also has announced plans to close its plants in Ada, Okla., Pikesville, Ky., and Milton-Freewater, Ore. It has closed two others, in Klamath Falls, Ore., and Hazard, Ky., since August.

The "changing needs" means these jobs were moved to India, btw:

Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated Investor Relations: "Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated ('Sykes' or the 'Company') (Nasdaq:SYKE), a global leader in providing outsourced customer management solutions and services, today announced the expansion of its global footprint and offshore solution with its entry into Southern India. The Company also announced a new customer care agreement for Sykes to provide customer support services to a leading financial services company via the new operation in India.
Pursuant to the multi-year customer care agreement, Sykes's customer care agents in India will provide the existing financial services client various customer service applications for their credit card holders located primarily throughout the United States.
The Sykes' wholly owned operation in Bangalore, India will have an initial capacity of 255 seats and run multiple shifts throughout the day. The Company expects to have over 100 dedicated agents in India supporting the financial services company by the mid-fourth quarter. The new center, which went live this week, is integrated into Sykes' Private Global ATM Network, identical to its existing offshore operations, providing for seamless voice and data transmission, dynamic call routing and disaster recovery systems capabilities. These new seats in India combined with an expansion currently under way in the Company's Asia Pacific operations will provide for one of the largest offshore networks available in the industry with nearly 2,500 seats across four countries by the end of 2002. "

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