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Sunday, May 16, 2004  

The Observer | Comment | Playing at fantasy politics

When real life just gets too much, it is a common human response to retreat into espousing. As the bulletins from Iraq have become relentlessly grimmer, quite a lot of Labour MPs have been indulging in it. Egged on by much of the media, they have been playing at fantasy politics.

The news is bad for the Labour Party right now and one of the main reasons it is so bad is because of Tony Blair. Labour Party members loathe George W. Bush. They loathe him not just because he is a monster but also because he is a Republican. In the average Labour Party member's pantheon of hate the Republicans come off slightly better than the British Conservative Party and about equal to Israel's Likud Party ( The British Labour Party have long been allied with the Israeli Labour Party and, thus, has a multi-generational loathing of Likud ). Recent UK polling has caused many Labour MP's to start to drink the grassroot's Irn Bru ( Kool-Aid is not sold in the UK ).

This has prompted a second game of fantasy Prime Minister. In this round, the wounded but defiant Tony Blair we've got in Number 10 suddenly morphs into a contrite and changed Tony Blair. This new Blair will express regrets for the Iraq enterprise and divorce himself from the White House. A lot of his MPs, many members of his Government and some of his aides have been urging the Prime Minister to 'put distance' between himself and an American President who is plummeting in the polls. Exactly what those who advocate this course mean by it is not always clear. My impression is that people just want the Prime Minister to sound as rude and angry about Dubya as they feel.

I final Note: I think events are moving much faster than people realise. Watch this space.

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911 was an inside job. Bush and Silverstein did it themselves.
**TRUTH** and the same goes for 7/7 princess cameron
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