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Tuesday, June 01, 2004  

From the UK Times Online (subscription required) comes this snippet:

PRESIDENT BUSH used his country’s Memorial Day yesterday to laud American soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to argue that because of their courage “two terror regimes are gone forever”.

But shortly before he spoke his own father, the first President Bush, cautioned that Iraq could become a significant barrier to his son’s reelection this November, adding that a national depression similar to the one that contributed to the defeat of Jimmy Carter in 1980 was beginning to set in. “The country is doing pretty darn well, but the war in Iraq is a large problem, ” the elder Mr Bush told Time magazine. “There’s a lot of what Jimmy Carter called ‘malaise’ around.”

Mr Bush said that his son had his “total support, without any reservation”. But comparing his administration to the Carter era is a long way off message as far as the President’s re-election campaign is concerned.

Mr Carter and Mr Bush are members of a very small club, presidents who failed to win re-election after their first four-year term. Mr Carter was swept from office by Ronald Reagan in 1980 amid a fuel crisis and a botched military attempt to rescue the US hostages in Iran. President Bush also faces a foreign policy crisis and soaring oil prices. Bush Snr touched on another source of discomfort for his son. The US economy is picking up speed, but the recovery has yet to give Mr Bush any lift in the polls.
When Poppy is comparing Shrub to Carter and using the word "malaise", it's all over.

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