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Sunday, June 27, 2004  

I just found out that my wife, a retired Navy Chief, met Dick Cheney once.

Her impression? Jon Stewart is right. He is a homicidal android. Too interested in the bottom line. He didn't care what the system was doing, he cared about the cost of the system, in dollars only. Didn't seem to care about people at all. Would have preferred not to see the crew. This could be explained, I guess, by the fact that Halliburton, doesn't supply personnel, just equipment.

She also met:

Les Aspin (fairly cool, talked to her and listened to her opinions)

Colin Powell (wife is very cool, he's nice, but was nicer to people who could further his career. Impression is that he was very focused on moving up the ladder, not too worried about the people below him. His wife was sponsor of the ship, and he wasn't even talking to the crew.)

Amazing what one can learn about one's spouse...

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