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Thursday, June 17, 2004  

Kevin Drum has an interesting discussion regarding just how bad US intel was before the war. From the LA Times piece:

U.S. analysts also erred in their analysis of high-altitude satellite photos, repeatedly confusing Scud missile storage places with the short, half-cylindrical sheds typically used to house poultry in Iraq. As a result, as the war neared, two teams of U.N. weapons experts acting on U.S. intelligence scrambled to search chicken coops for missiles that were not there.

Remember, we've known for a long time that our human intel in Iraq sucked, but the technical intel, like satellite photos and communications intercepts, are the things we're supposedly good at. Think again. (But Colin Powell sure sounded pretty confident about those tapes and photos a year ago, didn't he?)
Indeed. I still feel that the greatest damage the Bush cabal has wrought on this nation, other than having us lose whatever moral or ethical cache we had, was to make us look weak. Before our entry into Iraq, our military had a reputation: you don't mess with us.

Now, we can get whipped by a bunch of disgruntled "insurgents" when we've got a huge military presence.

And our intel has always had an amazing reputation: we know everything. Don't try to fool us, because we've analysed your stool samples before you even flush. We know what you had for breakfast, what you're planning to have for lunch, and where every weapon in your nation is. We know what your planning to do before you do.

At least, that was the reputation. And, along with our military reputation, it's trashed. We can't even tell the difference between a missile silo and a chicken coop now.

This means nations don't have to be quite as careful in their dealings anymore. And that care and concern they had to show because of our intel superiority hampered their operational effectiveness.

No more.

And we're going to be reaping this whirlwind for a long, long time.

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