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Wednesday, June 02, 2004  

This just pisses me off to no end. And the "liberal media" blamed Gray Davis for our state economy's going in the shitter.

CBS News | Enron Traders Caught On Tape | June 2, 2004?11:26:21: "When a forest fire shut down a major transmission line into California, cutting power supplies and raising prices, Enron energy traders celebrated, CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports.

'Burn, baby, burn. That's a beautiful thing,' a trader sang about the massive fire.

Four years after California's disastrous experiment with energy deregulation, Enron energy traders can be heard - on audiotapes obtained by CBS News - gloating and praising each other as they helped bring on, and cash-in on, the Western power crisis.

'He just f---s California,' says one Enron employee. 'He steals money from California to the tune of about a million.' "

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