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Thursday, June 24, 2004  

This was just a fraternity prank by the police, of course:

"Sheridan, the 20-year-old Mequon man who died in police custody, is heard yelling on the tape as an officer calmly speaks above the shouts and reports to dispatchers that Sheridan is kicking the inside of the squad car.
Sheridan died after an officer put what was believed to be a spit bag over Sheridan's head on Saturday. The device, meant to protect officers from saliva, turned out to be a high-tech respirator called the SURVIVAIR Quick2000 escape hood. Its manufacturer said that if used improperly, the respirator could cause death or serious injury."
Sheridan was the passenger in a car pulled over for driving off without paying for gas.

How did that turn out?
The Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department continues to investigate Sheridan's death. Lt. Dean Roberts said Wednesday that he is in the "heart of the investigation."
Although he is not focusing on the gas drive-off incident, Roberts said that the individual who was initially taken into custody in connection with the complaint was released because of insufficient evidence.

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