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Saturday, July 31, 2004  

And the Christians claim to be "oppressed" in this country.

Three Tampa city council members walk out during atheist's invocation: South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "Three Tampa city council members walked out of chambers rather than listen to an atheist give the opening invocation.

Council members Kevin White, Mary Alvarez and Rose Ferlita left their seats Thursday rather than listen to Michael R. Harvey, a member of Atheists of Florida who had been invited by council member John Dingfelder to offer the invocation.

Even before Harvey spoke, White was pushing to cancel the invocation. These are sacred moments that refer to a supreme being, White said, and this speaker doesn't believe in God.

``We have never had people of an atheist group represent Americans,'' White said. ``And I don't think it is appropriate in this setting.''"
Much credit to council member John Dingfelder for having the bravery to do something right.

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