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Sunday, July 11, 2004  

But we were all a bunch of traitors and kooks to say these things.
Would saying "I told you so" be gauche?

The New York Times - Panel Describes Long Weakening of Hussein Army: "The Senate's report on prewar intelligence about Iraq, which asserts that warnings about its illicit weapons were largely unfounded and that its ties to Al Qaeda were tenuous, also undermines another justification for the war: that Saddam Hussein's military posed a threat to regional stability and American interests."

So, to sum up:

1. No WMDs
2. No ties to al Qaeda
3. No military threat to anybody, especially the US

Why have so many hundreds of our soldiers, and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, died again?

Oh, wait, the new excuse is to "free the Iraqi people". And put them under an unelected government (something BushCo loves) that starts by imposing martial law.


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