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Monday, July 26, 2004  

From Veterans for Common Sensecomes this article about troop morale in Iraq:

"'Scaling back the military and political goals in Iraq's Anbar province has hurt the morale of many U.S. soldiers stationed there, and some have begun to question openly not only their mission, but also the leaders who sent them to Iraq in the first place. ' 'I don't have any idea of what we're trying to do out here. I don't know what the (goal) is, and I don't think our commanders do either,' he said. 'I feel deceived personally. I don't trust anything (Defense Secretary Donald) Rumsfeld says, and I think (Deputy Defense Secretary Paul) Wolfowitz is even dirtier.'"

For those who say Iraq is safer, check this passage out:
To carry food from one base to the next in Ramadi, a matter of a few blocks, takes four vehicles - armored Humvees and trucks - all with .50-caliber machine guns mounted on top.

"I’m tired of every time we go out the gate, someone tries to kill me," said Staff Sgt. Sheldon Rivers.

Asked whether most Americans have an idea of how bad the security situation is in Ramadi, Sgt. Maj. John Jones said recently that he was annoyed every time he heard analysis about Iraq from politicians and journalists on TV.

"When people come over here, where do they stay? In the Green Zone. I call it the Safe Zone," he said, referring to the secure area in Baghdad where the government is housed. "They miss the full picture."

What is the full picture?

"It’s just like the West," Jones said, "when we were trying to settle it with the Indians."

He wouldn’t elaborate.

"It means that we have to kill all of them," said a captain standing nearby, half-joking.
No, this is nothing like Viet Nam. It's all going just splendidly. So someone hush up these obviously unpatriotic soldiers.

Or just wait a few days. They'll likely be killed for Bush's war. And nobody's going to hear this anyway. The liberal media will take care of that.

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