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Tuesday, July 06, 2004  

I've seen the future. Specifically, the debate formats.

The three Presidential debates will be held in Texas, while the VP debate will be held in an undisclosed location.

The moderators will be Christopher 'Drunken Idiot' Hitchens and Robert 'Douchebag' Novak.

Since Kerry and Edwards are challengers, they will be given 15 seconds to answer questions, while Bush and Cheney will simply be offered the floor to say whatever they want, make a PowerPoint presentation, or just run campaign ads.

Audience members will be restricted to members of FreeRepublic, Lucianne.com, and select members of the media. Karl Rove will be in charge of invitations and format.

In actuality, I wish they'd hold these in a true debate format. One side asks a question of the other side. 4 minute response, 2 minute answer, and one minute summation, alternating sides. 6 questions per side.

Bush would fold up like a cheap umbrella.

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