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Tuesday, July 27, 2004  

Let's all support the troops!

Soldier Ordered To Repay Army: Make no mistake about how dangerous Wilson's job in Baghdad is. His best friend and roommate was killed two months ago in a bomb blast.
When U.S. forces invaded Iraq, Wilson wanted to be there, but his reserve unit had not been called up. He arranged for a transfer from reserve to active duty Army. Within weeks, he was sent to Iraq.

Deb Wilson: "When he told me about joining, it broke my heart. I was so incredibly proud that he felt that sense of duty."

But the Army had an unwelcome surprise for Pvt. Wilson. In a letter, they told him that because he transferred to active duty, he had breached his contract with his reserve unit and had to repay $916 that was given to him as a signing bonus when he enlisted.

Deb Wilson: "What he was doing was entirely loyal to the country and everything. It's almost like a slap in the face to him, that he's in Baghdad and they want this thousand dollars back."
Here I'm going to give a Republican some credit. Senator Arlen Specter has "sent a letter to the Pentagon requesting an explanation as to why Wilson was apparently penalized for doing his duty."

He says, "Have not yet gotten an answer. I think they're going to be embarrassed by this. Look here, you have a private who takes on more hazardous duty. The people of America ought to be thankful, not critical."

Good for you, Arlen.

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