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Thursday, July 29, 2004  

Mandatory convention blogging

No, I'm not there, but I got to watch it on TV! I prefer CSPAN, although I keep MSNBC up on the picture-in-picture so I can flip over if it looks like Ron Reagan is handing Joe "Dead Intern" Scarbrough his ass again.

Highlights so far:

The big two speeches, obviously. Clinton's opening night speech made me long for the days when we had a President who could speak eloquently and passionately. Obama's speech made me proud to be both a Democrat and an American. I'm looking forward to his run for the White House. The question is, does he run against Edwards in 2012, or run as Edwards' VP, then make his own run in 2020? He's a young man (43), so a 16 year wait wouldn't be too bad, but after the recent problems with VP's running as President (Bush1 was a disaster, Gore was its own problem we may not want to bring up again), who knows?

The 2004 Democratic National Convention Official Site has streaming video and transcripts of all the good speeches.

I'm excited about both Cleland's and Clark's speaking tonight, and mystified that Lieberman is bringing the Joementum to Boston and is allowed to speak. Shall we let Zell Miller speak, as well?

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