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Tuesday, July 06, 2004  

Wow, I didn't realise I had gone so long between posts. Oops.

Well, not much news over the weekend, of course. The media take a holiday every weekend, and that's pathetic.

Rumour has it that Gephart is the VP pick (front page of the New York Post Online Edition). While part of me is disappointed it's not Clark, I'm more disappointed that Kerry ignored all the polling that showed that Gep was the worst of the choices he had, and that his base doesn't want Gep.

Are the unions really going to bolt to Bush if we don't pick Gep? Sheesh.

One other thing: Over the weekend, I had occasion to discuss F9/11 with some folks, good liberals. And I ran into the same thing with them that I've seen all over the blogosphere: a pre-concession that Michael Moore is "loose with his facts".

I'm sick and tired of this. First, Moore's films are as factually accurate as any documentary; I've yet to see any valid factual errors of any import in any of Moore's films.

Second, and more importantly, why are we still cutting our throats by being conciliatory and 'fair'? The right wing doesn't "grant" that Bush lied, or made mistakes; why should we give an inch? If we're willing to concede points to the opposition, they'll win, because they're not conceding a single point, ever.

I'll be posting some news up today, as I come across stuff. Sorry for the extended break, folks.

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