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Monday, August 02, 2004  

Dick Cheney's company must be the nicest people in the whole wide world. Remember, this is the mindset the Bush campaign promised to bring to Washington.

Halliburton sues 3 over retiree complaints - billingsgazette.com: "Halliburton Co. is suing three retired executives who complained about a company plan to stop providing health insurance for retirees eligible for Medicare.
The lawsuit was filed after the retirees, including former Halliburton vice president of human resources Paul Bryant, sent a letter to company officials to complain about the change. Bryant, 58, retired from the oil services conglomerate in 1999.
Halliburton spokeswoman Zelma Branch said the company sued so the dispute would be resolved quickly, allowing the retirees to arrange for their own medical coverage."

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