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Sunday, August 01, 2004  

Portman Ignores Flowers To Make Political Statement:

"Actress Natalie Portman's political T-shirt statement on live American TV Thursday morning, left bosses so worried, her interviewer asked her cover it with a bunch of flowers. The Star Wars beauty made an appearance on TV show Good Morning America to promote her new movie Garden State, but her bold T-shirt bearing presidential hopeful John Kerry's name and picture prompted veteran journalist Diane Sawyer's fear her network ABC would fall foul of pre-election guidelines.
Partway through the interview, a smiling Sawyer said, 'Now if I'm gonna talk to you, you're gonna have to hold flowers here in front of the John Kerry (T-shirt). We can't just have John Kerry the whole time. Who do we bring in for equal time?' A stunned but laughing Portman shot back, 'Come on, you've got (Bill O'Reilly's) The O'Reilly Factor. That's on television; that evens it out!' She also took the opportunity to voice her support for the Democratic contender, adding, 'I love John Kerry! I just think he has the perfect combination of compassion and intelligence and composure under pressure and I'm just a huge fan.'"
Oh, now they're interested in "equal time"? Just pathetic.

I can't wait to see how much "equal time" they give liberal commentators to hack away during the RNC, the way they let the conservatives have a field day this past week.

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