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Thursday, August 05, 2004  

Same old tricks. Get a rich donor to fund a bunch of lies about your opponent, and hope nobody notices.

Texan Bankrolls Anti-Kerry Vets Group: "A wealthy Texan and prolific Republican donor is helping bankroll a television ad assailing Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites)'s decorated military record in the Vietnam War.

Houston homebuilder Bob J. Perry has donated at least $100,000 to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a suburban Washington-based group airing a new ad in which Vietnam veterans who served on swiftboats accuse the Democratic presidential nominee of lying about his war record.
The group bought $500,000 of airtime for the 60-second ad to air in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Ohio and West Virginia.
The effort is reminiscent of a 2000 effort that helped drive George W. Bush's then-rival John McCain from the presidential race.
Four years ago, Dallas brothers Sam and Charles Wyly financed $2.5 million in ads run under the auspices of 'Republicans for Clean Air' criticizing McCain in the week before GOP presidential primaries in California, New York and Ohio. Those ads promoted then-Texas Gov. Bush's environmental record and criticized that of McCain, the Arizona senator. Bush won the primaries in all three states.
Perry's June donation accounted for most of the $158,750 that Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, founded in April, reported raising as of June 30. John Krugh, a spokesman for Perry Homes, declined to comment on Perry's contribution."

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