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Monday, August 09, 2004  

Take away their tax-free status. It's bad enough I have to subsidise these people's belief in a Sky Fairy, but when they use their position to also campaign for Bush, I've had enough.

Churches See an Election Role and Spread the Word on Bush: "Susanne Jacobsmeyer, a member of the West County Assembly of God in a St. Louis suburb, voted for George W. Bush four years ago, but mostly out of loyalty as a Republican and not with much passion.
This year, Ms. Jacobsmeyer is a 'team leader' in the Bush campaign's effort to turn out conservative Christian voters. 'This year I am voting for him as a man of faith,' she said over breakfast after an early morning service. 'He has proven that he will do what is right, and he will look to God first.'
Jan Klarich, her friend and another team leader, agreed. 'Don't you feel it is a spiritual battle?' she asked to nods around the table."

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