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Wednesday, August 25, 2004  

This seems like a good idea:

"Alex McElhose says he would risk his life for a war if there was good enough reason.
'A war that involves genocide on the part of the enemy, like World War II, would be justified. Or a modern day example - serving on a peace-keeping mission in the Sudan,' the 17-year-old Edgewood High School student said Tuesday night as he and other teenagers put together paperwork that could help them gain conscientious objector status in the event a military draft is reinstated.
The war in Iraq is what motivated McElhose to come to the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center on Madison's east side and take part in 'The Draft and Conscientious Objection Night' hosted by a group of local peace and justice organizations.
'It's obviously not a war about liberation. It's more of a war about gaining access to oil reserves,' McElhose said."

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