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Tuesday, September 28, 2004  
GOP leader wants to boycott United Way over scavenger hunt stop

GOP leader wants to boycott United Way over scavenger hunt stop:

"A Republican leader is calling for a boycott of the United Way of Summit County after a fund-raising scavenger hunt sent participants into a local Democratic Party office.
County GOP Chairman Alex Arshinkoff says he also will try to get United Way's federal tax-exempt status revoked because of its partisan involvement.
The employer-sponsored scavenger hunt sent participants to the Akron office of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in search of a piece of campaign literature about a Democratic candidate for common pleas judge.
'This is a classic example of the liberal bias of the social activists,' Arshinkoff said on Monday. 'I'm upset, and I'm going to be leading the effort unless there is an apology to the president of the United States and Judy Hunter.'"
Is that a whiff of desperation I detect?

The best comment is from the chairman, Jim Crutchfield: "But to suggest that the American Heart Association, battered women, the Red Cross, children and the rest of the 100,000 people served by United Way should be punished for one United Way supporter's mistake would be wrongheaded, to put it mildly."

The saddest comment?
"They were just trying to do something nice ... and they feel terrible about it."
Welcome to Bush's America.

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