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Tuesday, September 28, 2004  
Houston CBS affiliate boots Rather show

Salon.com News | Houston CBS affiliate boots Rather show: "Dan Rather's daily CBS radio broadcast is off the air where he grew up. Houston CBS radio affiliate KPRC hasn't been running it for the last couple weeks in reaction to his '60 Minutes' report questioning President Bush's National Guard service.
'I felt no anchor ... should ever be the story or bigger than the story,' Ken Charles, program director of the news-talk station, said Monday. 'I thought it was appropriate to take him off the air.'

Rather last week apologized on behalf of CBS News because it could not authenticate documents used in the Sept. 8 story that suggested Bush got preferential treatment. The apology wasn't sufficient to put Rather back on KPRC in the nation's 11th-largest media market.

'For right now, I'm not convinced there's any reason to put him back on the radio station,' said Charles, whose station lineup includes opinion-based talk shows of Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. 'Until CBS or somebody is able to do that, I feel like there's no place for Dan Rather on KPRC.'"
Guess Dan's not bigoted enough for them.

Oh, and I wouldn't even bother contacting them: "2004 Clear Channel Communications" is at the bottom of the website.

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