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Wednesday, September 29, 2004  
Insider Leaks to Reporters Spread as CIA Turns Wary on Iraq

Insider Leaks to Reporters Spread as CIA Turns Wary on Iraq

According to this article, there is essentially a war raging between the Pentagon, State, CIA, FBI, and the Administration.

I've seen something like this before. And the reason always a lack of leadership at the top.

Something similar happened when I was stationed at Greenham Common in the UK.

We had a Group commander (in charge of the security for the missiles), a Wing commander (in charge of the missiles) and a base commander. No chain there, they all reported off base to someone else.

And they were all O-5 Colonels. Someone (probably the base commander) needed to have a star. Because what happened was a pissing match, and the enlisted caught all the crap.

One example: In one building (these were all small buildings on base, btw) there were two barbershops. One was a "beauty shop", a place to get a nice haircut. The other was a classic barbershop, staffed by a bunch of ancient Germans who would butcher your hair.

I recall one of these FULL BIRD COLONELS standing in the hallway between the two, catching guys coming out of the better shop with haircuts that didn't quite meet his approval, and sending them in to see the Germans.

A full bird colonel worrying about this?

Lack of leadership. Nobody's in charge. Everyone worries about minor crap that doesn't matter.

I'm firmly convinced at this point that Bush is in a bubble. He's being fed a certain world view that matches the predictions made by the neo-con element of his cabinet. So he really doesn't know how bad things are in Iraq.

And if the titular leader doesn't have the facts, how can he lead?

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