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Monday, September 13, 2004  
US troops announce curfew

US troops announce curfew: "US troops on Monday patrolled Baghdad's Haifa Street, where at least 13 people were killed and 55 wounded in clashes between insurgents and US soldiers the day before, heralding a strict night-time curfew.
Shouting in Arabic through loudspeakers mounted on military vehicles, soldiers said the curfew would come into effect from 20:00 to 04:00 along most of the busy commercial street, said shopkeeper Alaa Mohammed.
'Keep away from windows and doors. Stay at home to ensure the safety of your sons. Anyone spotted during this time will be considered a terrorist and lethal force will be used against them,' the message said."
That's right. They'll shoot anybody out from 2000-0400. Anybody.

Winning hearts and mind, one death at a time...

Here's one Iraqi's take on it:
Shopkeepers were unhappy with the curfew.

"This means I have to close my shop at 19:00. What can I do? Since the Americans came, they have done nothing for us. When the Americans leave we will be all right, because without the Americans, who's going to fire?" said Mohammed.

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