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Friday, November 12, 2004  
And so it begins....

The people have spoken, and it's back to the Middle Ages with us:

"When talk at the high school here turns to evolution, biology teachers have to make time for Charles Darwin as well as his detractors. With a vote last month, the school board in rural south-central Pennsylvania community is believed to have become the first in the nation to mandate the teaching of 'intelligent design,' which holds that the universe is so complex that it must have been created by an unspecified higher power.
Critics call the change in the ninth-grade biology curriculum a veiled attempt to require public schoolchildren to learn creationism, a biblical-based view that credits the origin of species to God. Schools typically teach evolution, the theory that Earth is billions of years old and that life forms developed over millions of years."
"I think it's a downright fraud to perpetrate on the students of this district, to portray one theory over and over," said Buckingham. "What we wanted was a balanced presentation."
Why do I think Mr Buckingham only wants a "balanced" presentation that gives his side, and not any of the others?

Here's how I'd teach "both sides":

Spend one full unit on evolution. Then, to teach creationism, one simply says, "And some people say God did it."

How many religions should we give equal time to, anyway? All of them?
What more needs to be said?

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