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Thursday, November 11, 2004  
Veteran's Day

I'm a veteran of the Cold War. USAF 1984-1988, Honorable Discharge. I'm also a proud liberal.

My father served in the Air Force during Viet Nam. My paternal grandfather served in the Army in WWII. My maternal grandfather had to take care of the family farm, but his brother, my uncle Joe Frank, was badly wounded in the assault on Anzio. He never really recovered.

My maternal great-grandfather, Grady Brooks, served in France during WWI. My grandmother managed to find a picture of him, and we're currently looking for more information as to his unit, etc. But I know he saw combat, and I know from the stories about him that it changed him greatly.

grady brooks

I'm proud of the sacrifices my family has made, as well as the sacrifices all veterans have made. I'm also sickened by the reason for the sacrifices we're asking our troops to make now.

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