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Monday, March 07, 2005  
Rev Phelps at it again


A Topeka, Kansas anti-gay and lesbian group picketed near Truett-McConnell College Saturday in Cleveland, protesting against the Gay-Straight Alliance Club.

Eight demonstrators from Westboro Baptist Church, six adults and two children, held up protest signs on the roadside near the college entrance as a heavy escort of Cleveland Police and State Troopers looked on.


Shirley Phelps-Roper held a bright neon painted sign that read "Thank God for 9-11" and claimed it was her duty to come to Cleveland.

"You've got a bunch of lying false prophets that are running these churches being paid to tell people that God loves them," Roper said.

The eight member group scheduled demonstrations through the weekend at different locations around Cleveland and early Monday at White County High School.

Every time someone liberal says something the slightest bit out of the mainstream, we are all attacked for not immediately condemning them.

So, Christians and conservatives, does your silence in this matter mean you agree with the Reverend PHelps? Do you, too, "thank God for 9-11"?

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Friday, March 04, 2005  
The Weak Faith of the Religious Right

DailyKos diaryist advisorjim has a very interesting post about the religous right.

One of the things religious conservatives fail to realize is that they have everything they want. They say all they want is prayer in schools. In Tennessee there's a state-mandated moment of silence during which their kids are free to pray. They say they want a warning sticker on science textbooks about evolution. But if a family doesn't believe in evolution, they're free to tell their kids that some people believe in it, but we don't. If you want your child's education to be based in the Bible, you can send them to a private school or even home school them! They don't want schools teaching their kids about anything but abstinence when it comes to sex. But you can hold your kids out of sex-ed classes if you don't want them learning it in school (sex-ed is a whole other topic that gets my hackles up, and it's likely its own diary). So their kids can pray in school, ignore evolution, and be taught abstinence without any interference from the state. There is nothing to prevent the free exercise of their private religious beliefs.

But that's not enough. Sure, their kids can pray in school, but they can't form a prayer clique where they can find safety in numbers during school hours. They worry that if their kids even hear the word `evolution' it will cause them to question their faith. If their kid so much as meets a homosexual, he'll become gay!

That is a startlingly weak faith, don't you think? To believe that your kids will turn away from God unless He has been officially sanctioned by the Government? It almost deserves more pity than contempt. Ultimately the entire basis for the desired legislation of the Religious Right is that they need to protect their kids from themselves. What happened to `Personal Responsibility?' Do the 10 Commandments have to be sanctioned by the government before you can consider them valid? These are the questions we should be asking.

Emphasis is mine.

How very, very true.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005  
Christians demand audit of 'alternative' dramas

Over the last couple of months there has been an escalation of direct action, or threats thereof, by British "God-botherers" .

AN EVANGELICAL pressure group set up to fight the BBC demonstrated outside Broadcasting House in Central London yesterday with the symbolic destruction of a large widescreen television screen.

The Christian Congress for Traditional Values is demanding a stronger emphasis on the sanctity of marriage and family life in the corporation?s drama, documentary and news output.

The group, which is threatening a series of high-profile protests if its demands are not met, says that the BBC is failing to represent family life as experienced by the majority of people. It says that the corporation is instead obsessed with ?alternative lifestyles?.

The new group?s protest was timed to coincide with the publication of the Green Paper on future funding of the BBC.

The group is independent of Christian Voice, the controversial campaigning organisation that recently announced plans for protests against abortion clinics. But it is an indication of how the tactics used by the conservative Christian Right in the United States are crossing the Atlantic and being adopted by evangelical lobbyists in Britain.

Now, nobody goes to church anymore in the United Kingdom. For the vast majority of British "Christians" church is where your friends and family get married ( if they want a nice backdrop for their wedding photos ) or buried. This does not stop this particular nasty group of happy clappies claiming that they have majority support for their views.

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